Ways To Keep Your Scalp Clean After A Workout

ways to keep your scalp clean after a workout

My favorite natural hair products that keep my scalp feeling and smelling fresh.

Name one of the main concerns we (ladies) have when working out.

Yep, we are worried about our hair. This goes for natural hair wearers as well. Just because we may brag sometimes about being #unbothered if we forget our umbrella on an unexpected (light) rainy day, it doesn’t offer the same advantage when sweat is involved.

Sweat is a good thing because it releases toxins from your body along with other benefits. However, when it comes to your hair, the downside is letting that sweat just sit on your scalp after your workout. Due to its salty concentration, sweat can dry out and potentially cause those dreadful flakes we know as dandruff. Believe me, no one wants that. Also, did I mention, if the sweat sits there for too long, it can also cause an unpleasant odor when it dries? I’m pretty sure you don’t want that either.

When I had loose natural hair, it was easier to either shampoo or co-wash my hair after an intense workout. Now that I have starter locs, I leave the shampooing to the professionals to avoid messing up the loc process until my hair is fully loc’d. Therefore, I’ve had to come up with alternative solutions* to keep my scalp clean in between my monthly loc grooming appointments.

*I am not a natural hair stylist so it is suggested that you speak with your stylist or an expert to come up with a routine that will cater to your specific needs.

I made it known to the loctician who started my locs that I run and workout pretty often so I sought out advice early on in my process on how to care for locs when having an active lifestyle.

Here were some of the main takeaways: Continue reading


Patience is a Virtue…

Thanks to Tonia from N Natural Hair Studio for my loc grooming at Week 7!

Thanks to Tonia from N Natural Hair Studio for my loc grooming at Week 7!

…that I don’t possess. I’m just about two months into my loc journey and to me, it’s very similar to the transition of when I first went natural to begin with. There’s the whole awkward phase of your hair trying to get used to a new style and sometimes dealing with different textures. When transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, you normally have the straight texture vs. the curly or coily texture. With locs, I’ve noticed that it’s all about the battle between the new growth, the budding and the twist (or loc) itself. Since my starter locs were done in a diamond-part system with a two strand twist and the fact that my hair already had some length to it, let’s just say, there’s a lot of activity going on with my hair at the moment. It’s a lot of looking in the mirror in the morning and wondering, “okay hair, what are you going to do today?” It’s so unruly. So unpredictable. But yet and still, we patiently wait the process because we know the end result is going to be flawless and fabulous. As I continue to forge along, there are three key things that I have noticed thus far: Continue reading

Lock It, Lock It!

One year anniversary

I still can’t believe my hair was ever that short!

I began my natural hair journey in November of 2012. Ever since then, it became customary to post my progression each year, similar to what people call a “length check.” I was initially nervous about chopping off all of my relaxed ends and rocking a short afro, but after a while I began to embrace it and my hair soon became the very thing that people would identify me by. “Oh, I saw you coming. I could tell by the afro.” “I knew I could find you. I just looked for the girl with the afro.

In the Nation’s Capital, a lot of women have embraced their natural hair texture, therefore it’s very common to see styles such as afros, twist outs, flat twist up-do’s, protective styles and locs. It’s like we’re our own community. There’s a form of appreciation along with a “you go girl!” when you see someone rocking their natural hair.

After three years, however, I began to grow tired of the same look. My twist outs weren’t as “poppin” as they used to be. My hair had become drier than normal and the detangling process was beginning to wear me out. Talk about an arm workout! I tried a few protective styles such as box braids, Nubian twists, and Senegalese twists to give my hair a break every once in a while. The effect that the synthetic hair had on my scalp wasn’t the most desirable at times and the weight of those styles became annoying. I kept thinking about which low maintenance styles I could attempt to do on my own, but my skill set was EXTREMELY limited so besides a two strand twist out and the simple “wash-n-fro,” there wasn’t much more I could do. Continue reading

Just a Hint of Color, Please

Another item knocked off my 30 Before 30 list! This past Saturday, I finally tried something new with my hair by getting highlights. After much debate and spending the week prior asking others their thoughts on which color I should get, I finally arrived at Jaha Hair Studio that morning, still internally debating, yet ready to make a change to my hair.

I transitioned from relaxed to natural hair in November 2012 when I did my “big chop.” Since then, I have pretty much worn my hair the same way – either a two strand twist out or what I call, the “wash n’ fro.” I once considered getting locs. I also considered getting it straightened. But all in all, I think I like it best in its naturally, coily, THICK loose hair state. So instead, I decided to add some color to my hair to give it a new flare.

I knew that I wanted something subtle yet still noticeable so I wanted to make sure that the color I got would be something that would work well with my complexion. I looked up highlights for natural hair in a Google search, stalked several Pinterest and Instagram accounts for color options on hair similar to my length and texture, and asked other women with natural hair how they adjusted after adding color. After all that “research”, I finally decided that I wanted to get either a medium brown tone or be a little bolder and get a burgundy tone. The majority of the people I asked leaned towards the burgundy option but I still wasn’t completely sold on taking that big of a leap.

Jaha Hair StudioWhen I finally got to the salon, they had a whole book of both rinses and permanent colors which made the two colors that I had previously narrowed down become null and void as other options were now presented. Still wanting to stick to one of the two color schemes that were under consideration, I finally slammed the book and blurted “643!” Apparently this color must have been one of the most popular that many people at the salon request since the stylist gave me a, “I knew you would go with that color” look. She, as well as another client getting her hair done, assured me that it would be a great color for my complexion and for someone looking for something more subtle.

I was anxious to see how the color would look but I knew it would be a process as she began to mix the color and work it through my hair from root to tip. Right before she put the shower caps on my hair so that I could let the color settle in she said, “I can already tell that this is going to look good on you.” Even more reassured, I patiently awaited the final reveal.

After getting my hair shampooed, deep conditioned and blow dried, I sneaked glances into the mirror, not recognizing how much hair I had packed in my afro since I normally let my hair air dry. Through those stolen glances, I could see that this color was going to be a nice touch. The stylist then twisted my hair in preparation for a twist out style to define my curls. After an hour under the dryer, it was finally time for the style and color to be combined to provide my final look. She took the twists out my hair, added some fluff and moisturizer to it then turned my chair towards the mirror…and I LOVED it!

Before & After photo

Yes, it was subtle but still noticeable. I didn’t once have one of those “OMG, what have I done?” moments. I was happy with my decision and if anything I thought, hmm, maybe I could have went a shade or two lighter. Either way, I think the color I chose worked perfectly for me and the compliments I got afterwards and throughout the rest of the day further confirmed that. 😉

28 down, 2 to go!

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