It’s Okay! Live a Little :-)

photo 4

Spa Castle!

This past weekend I was pleased to have knocked another 30 Before 30 item off my list. The original idea of doing this “pre-30” bucket list was inspired by my good friend Shari who also was the one responsible for convincing me to do one of the most relaxing things I have ever done in my life – a spa day! We purchased a LivingSocial deal to a place called Spa Castle in New York. Yes, I made the four hour drive with two scary bridges along the way in order to take advantage of this deal. Once I saw the picture gallery online and saw all the perks, there’s no way I could have turned that deal down. I even splurged and got myself my first ever full body massage. Talk about being pampered!

The reason I had this item on my list is because I never take the opportunity to splurge on myself and just sit down for a minute to enjoy life. Instead I seem to enjoy occupying my idle time with work or working out so that by the time I get home everyday, there’s nothing else for me to do except shower, sleep, then wake up and do the same thing the next day…and the next day…and, you get the point. My mind is constantly on my to-do-list or trying to find the nearest corner to sneak and send emails or schedule conference calls for my freelance projects. I admit, even during the first 10 minutes or so of my massage, my mind was on “oh man, I didn’t respond to that email,” “I forgot to schedule that Facebook post,” “when am I going to find time to complete my InDesign assignment?” It’s crazy that even during a moment of what was supposed to be tranquil, my mind just wouldn’t shut off about all the things that I purposely said I would save for Monday to do. Eventually I was able to finally zone out and enjoy my massage, the saunas, spa pools and my favorite, the swim up bar.

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