What You Won’t Do For Love

“Some people go around the world for love
They may never find what they dream of
What you won’t do, do for love
You tried everything but you don’t give up”
                                               – Bobby Caldwell

People go through extremes to find love; to find that special connection with that special someone. Well, last Wednesday I partook in my first ever speed dating experience but this one had a twist – there were blindfolds involved! I had speed dating on my 30 Before 30 list just as something fun to do. No one ever expects (at least I don’t think) to find the love of their life at a speed dating event; however, it was definitely… interesting, to say the least. Continue reading


“Bring It Up Sexy!”

Pole Fitness collageThis past Saturday, I was able to knock another item off of my 30 Before 30 List. I don’t know why, but I always wanted to take a pole fitness class so once I saw a LivingSocial deal for a class which included a personal half bottle of champagne (say what?), I couldn’t resist.

The 90-minute class included some introductory pole dance moves guided by two instructors from The P Spot. We then broke into groups for those who were really adamant about learning the pole and then others who wanted to learn a few tricks for a sexy chair dance. I was one of the three groups of people who tried out the pole before we split into the two sessions. Let me tell you, it is a LOT of work! You have to have some serious upper body strength to get through that. It was fun though, I must say. I didn’t bust out any special moves and if my glide down the pole wasn’t the most glamorous, one thing the instructor kept saying was, “bring it up sexy.” And that’s just what I did. So after I learned that the pole and I weren’t making a love connection, I decided I would leave that session alone and stick to the three-part chair dance session which was more my speed.

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’Gym’ is my New Boyfriend

Gym is my new boyfriendIt’s Valentine’s Day this Friday and I’m so excited for Date Night…at the gym! I’ve come across a lot of social media sites that amusingly state “’Gym’ is my new boyfriend” and I’m beginning to see how true that is for me.

I’ve realized that in the last year or two, I have had a slight obsession with the gym. I don’t think it’s a bad thing but I know I’ve been guilty of flaking out on a lot of post-work activities because I’m rushing out the door in my workout gear and running shoes instead of a dress and heels, more excited about getting a good workout in rather than going out to a lounge or happy hour. Continue reading

How Well Does Our Youth Know Our History?

Black History icons

A few historical icons proudly displayed in my living room. Let’s celebrate 365 days a year.

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day this year, my oldest niece who is the tender age of 10, watched a documentary on Dr. King’s legacy and as my sister described, her face was filled with sadness and disgust at all the inequality and mistreatment and she became very emotional while watching.  My niece said the documentary she watched was “sad and little bit scary because I saw marchers falling down.” This had me think about whether the younger generation actually understands and embraces our history and if the school systems teach it a little more in depth nowadays.

I remember my curriculum while I was in grade school didn’t include much more than Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver and the other significant, yet “safe”, pioneers rooted in our history. My niece pointed out that she has learned about Dr. King, Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks in her classes, which is typical. For me, my moment of enlightenment came my sophomore year of high school in my American Studies class when I watched Roots for the first time. I knew of slavery, but I didn’t know the severity of it until that time. This sparked my interest in digging more into black history, both the good and the bad.

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